Membership Terms

Rise: Mind & Body is a charity aimed at helping people within the community achieve better mental and physical health. Our members are integral to our work and everything we do, we do to help enrich and hopefully improve their lives. Membership to Rise: Mind and Body is free as to remove barriers and enable as many people as possible who wish to access our work, able to do so. In order to safely run such a community and membership offer, it is important we have rules in place to ensure that Rise is a safe and welcoming place for all.

  1. If a members books onto a session and cannot attend, we ask them to kindly cancel the booking so that other people can utilise the slot. If a member books on to a session and fails to attend 3 times or more, they may have their membership revoked out of fairness to others or prevented from taking part in certain activities.
  2. Bullying, harassment, intimidation or discrimination towards other members, volunteers or staff will not be tolerated. Any reports or concerns regarding a member’s general behaviour and conduct will be properly investigated and could result in membership being revoked.
  3. Rise: Mind & Body supports lots of different people within the community. They may have a range of needs and different levels of personal vulnerability. We ask that all members treat each other with compassion, respect and support to make our organisation a positive experience for all who take part.
  4. We ask our members to be as open and honest with us as much as they feel comfortable. We want to ensure that we support and protect our members whilst respecting confidentiality. That being said, there are certain instances when as an organisation we may have to breach confidentiality in order to protect a member or someone else. If this is the case, you will be informed and it will be explained why this is the case in line with our safeguarding responsibilities.
  5. We ask our members to respect the outdoor spaces and indoor venues we use. We expect members to look after equipment and not to litter or cause unnecessary damage to premises or beauty spots. If any damage to property is caused, we kindly ask that it is raised with session leads straight away.
  6. All members must provide valid emergency contact details as a condition of membership.
  7. Membership and activities are free. Donations are solely at the discretion of an individual and are not expected.

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